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Get paid as soon as we agree on a wholesale price.

GoodBye Renewals

After a domain is sold to Brandexy. We take care of renewing it each year. 

Receive 35%

When a domain you sold to Brandexy sells to an end user you get 35% of profits.

What are we buying?
  • Domains priced at wholesale
  • .COM
  • Pronounceable
  • TwoWord  (eg:
  • prefix/suffix (eg: /
  • Made up words (eg:
  • Misspelled  (eg:
What we don't
  • Names priced above wholesale
  • Non pronounceable
  • Non .com domains
  • Stolen or trademarked domains
  • Domains registered at the following registrars: NetworkSolutions,, 1&1

How Do I Get Paid?

We are currently using paypal as our primary payment gateway.

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