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Cash Now 

Get paid as soon as we agree on a wholesale price.

GoodBye Renewals

After a domain is sold to Brandexy. We take care of renewing it each year. 

Receive 35%

When a domain you sold to Brandexy sells to an end user you get 35% of profits.

What are we buying?

We are currently only looking for .COM names listed/accepted at the following marketplaces: BrandBucket Brandpa SquadHelp.

What we don't

Names that aren't listed/accepted at the marketplaces listed above. Names that are priced too high. Non .com domains. Stolen or trademarked domains.

How Do I Get Paid?

We are currently using paypal as our primary payment gateway.

Ready To Sell?

Click the link below to join our Slack Channel. This is where you can submit your domains for us to buy and more!

*Legal Note

All sales are finale. Expected commission is 35% of our profit. e.g: sells for $3,495 on BrandBucket. BrandBucket commission is 30% ($1,078.5) - $100 for the logo design for a total of $1,178.5. Brandexy's commission is $2,416.5. You get 35% of that amount. Your in pocket amount is $845.78.  We are not responsible for any commission/pricing change of the above marketplaces. Brandexy reserve the right to change the commission amount without notice (doesn't applied to past acquisitions). If a sale occurs, we will pay you to your paypal.  In the case we are unable to proceed with payment, we will try to contact you by email and/or slack so please keep us updated if any changes!